April 2017 1st Saturday

On Saturday, April 1, I set out with the goal of visiting every Kingston First Saturday reception. I started on lower Broadway and worked my way uptown. I saw a lot of marvelous art and ran into many First Saturday friends I had not seen over the winter months. (BTW, my usual and constant companion, wife Susan, was home with a nasty cold.)

My evening’s most memorable moment occurred when I was leaving The Lace Mill. I was examining flyers posted on the front door when a little boy suddenly appeared and asked me if I wanted to see his painting. “Sure,” I said. “Show it to me.”

I followed him through the crowded Lace Mill labyrinth and we arrived at a finger painting I had photographed earlier. Here’s 6-year-old Jesse with his painting Color Cloud  – one of my evening’s faves.

According to his father, “he likes finger painting, creating random art, and is a huge math nut. Jesse is often inspired by dreams, clouds, and completely random events. He’s an intelligent, thoughtful boy. Often distracted, he is constantly coming up with new ideas for artwork.”

– Rick Whelan

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