Annual Red Goat Award

“The MAD Celebration of the Arts is a miraculous thing to inspire you and bring the community closer together.”
– Steve Noble, Mayor, City of Kingston

The Red Goat Award was originated by MAD to thank and honor people in the community for their outstanding service to the arts. The focus was on Midtown because of the MAD mission to use art to revitalize and reinvigorate a neglected part of Kingston. It was so named because the Red Goat was a recognized symbol of grassroots art expression in Kingston. Sue Tirrell has been making the beautiful handcrafted Red Goat Awards from the very beginning, and the MAD Board of Directors selects the awardees.

Red Goat Award Winners

Jalani Lion
Joe Gonzalez

Micah Blumenthal
Lindsey Wolkowicz

Marielena Ferrer
Rick Whelan
Susan Whelan

Lynn Woods
Addie Farr

Pat Courtney Strong
Radio Kingston

Bryant Drew Andrews
Lara Giordano

Kevin O’Connor
Pauline Oliveros & Ione 

Evry Mann
Nina Dawson