MAD Advisory Board

Advisors bring a distinctive mix of experience, skills and expertise to help guide a non-profit organization, and the MAD Advisory Board is an exemplary group of community-minded volunteers who place a high value on the arts. They help to guide the MAD Board of Directors; offer advice and support; share their knowledge and connections freely; and act as arts ambassadors in their daily lives.

And, although the MAD Advisory Board doesn’t have any formal legal responsibilities or decision-making authority, their contributions to our work are invaluable and much appreciated.

If you are interested in joining our Advisory Board, we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email and let us know how you’d like to help MAD thrive.

Mary Andrews
Susan Appollo
Talya Baharal
Anne & Jim Bailey
Susan Basch
Neville Bean
Marie Beichert
Black Creek Mercantile
Elizabeth Blair
Jane Bloodgood-Abrams
Pamela Blum
Micah Blumenthal
Debra Bresnan
Molly & Greg Broxton
Kevin Cahill
John Capello
Sarah Carlson
Patrice Courtney-Strong
Suzanna Cramer
Ray Curran
Katy Daly
Jeffrey DaPuzzo
Renée Darmstadt
Mary DeChristopher
Priscilla Derven
Veronica Domingo
Nancy Donskoj
George Donskoj
Maureen Drake
Steven Dudley
Mary Ellen Duffy
Scott Dutton
Jeremy Ellenbogen
Barbara Esmark
Bruce Esmark

Alexis Feldheim
Maria Elena Ferrer
Ruth Ann & Kevin Frank
Richard Frumess
Kathleen Gee
Patty Gibbons
Lara Giordano
Gene Gnida
Kevin Godbey
Ann Haaland
Michael Haight
Katherine Hamilton
Gerry Harrington
Julie Hedrick
Hudson Valley Silverworks
Michael Hunt
Ward Ingalsbe
Lynn Isaacson
Annette Jaret
Riley Johndonnell
Lois & Howie Jones
Lee Kalish
Lisa Barnard Kelley
Guy Thomas Kemp
Harold Krein
Olga Lapinaite
Albert (Floyd) Lattin
Tracy Leavitt
Karen Levine
Lara & Matt Levine
Susan Linn
Stephen MacDonald
Evry Mann
Mark Marshall
Linda & Scott Marston-Reid

Daniel McCluskey Jr.
Kitty McCullough
Maria McDermed
Kelly McGrath
Michelle Meech
Rebecca Milne
Ward Mintz
Bruce Moor
Kevin O’Connor
Sarah Olivieri
Thomas Pfeffer
Lissa Queene
Kevin Quilty
Aaron Quint
Susan J. Ragusa
Aaron Rezny
Jonathan C. Rich
Bob Ryan
Barbara J. Scott
Chris Silva
Lois Slade
Kevin Smith
Jane Sobczak
Carol Struve
Cindy Sumerano
Suzanne & Lowell Thing
Ulster Savings Bank
Angela Rose Voulgarelis
Pamela W. Wallace
Brandy Walters
Raychel Wengenroth
Peter Wetzler
Rick & Susan Whelan
Thomas Whelan
Lynn Woods