What is the Midtown Arts District (MAD)?

The Kingston Midtown Arts District (MAD) is a coalition of artists, businesses, residents, organizations, and the City of Kingston that united to revitalize and enrich the City’s midtown neighborhoods. Located in the heart of Kingston and roughly bordered by Broadway, Cornell Street and Greenkill Avenue, the establishment of the MAD has fostered greater communication among the people living and working in the district.

MAD relies on the efforts of many dedicated volunteers to strengthen our local economy through the arts. We have helped the City of Kingston become a magnet for tourism and investment, and are working hard to unite Kingston into one thriving community from Uptown to the Rondout.

Ready to Join MAD?

If you’d like to lend a hand, please make a financial contribution << INSERT LINK >> or volunteer << INSERT LINK >> your time and skills to help out with our next event. << INSERT LINK to EVENTS >> Thank you!

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adjective \ mad \

  • very enthusiastic about someone or something: I’m mad about sculpture. Kingston is an arts-mad city.
  • great, remarkable: I have mad respect for the musicians in Kingston. They have mad improvisational skills.
  • very, extremely: Murals are mad cool: They’ve really brought Kingston’s streets to life.