About MAD the Kingston Midtown Art District

The D.R.A.W Studio at Energy Square at Cedar Street/Iwo Jima Lane in Midtown Kingston features ongoing arts education, events and our Storefront Gallery.


To provide access and support for the arts to advance, engage, unite, and enrich a vibrant community in Midtown Kingston.


Kingston MAD believes in the power of creative arts to be an agent of change. We serve the people of Midtown Kingston as a hub for collaborative relationships with individuals, artists, businesses, organizations and government to create positive change together.


  • Collaboration and Community Building
  • Artistic Integrity and Personal Excellence
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility
  • Creative Growth and Innovation
  • Midtown-centric

Meet the initiatives of the MAD creative ecosystem:


How we advocate

With advocacy we focus on creating fair and inclusive policies and practices that will cultivate and ensure equitable access to resources for the artist economy, as well as cultivating support for the arts and artists across business and public sectors.

Advocacy includes:

  • Collaborate and liaise with local government
  • Drive funding toward the arts
  • Support and promote the artist economy
  • Provide fiscal sponsorship to artists and other organizations
  • Spearhead public campaigns to promote the arts
  • Create opportunities to share artistic resources

Who we educate

We provide enrichment and skill-building through high-quality, accessible and affordable arts education for everyone, from beginners to working professionals. We help build agency and explore the creative process as well as create opportunities for intergenerational mentorships for legacy, continuity, and mutual inspiration

Educate includes:

What we celebrate

Through a series of events and promotions, we amplify the achievements of our artistic community and invite the public to engage and learn from it first hand. This direct support and connection is vital to Midtown Kingston.

Celebrate includes:

  • Amplifying the arts through annual public events including Celebration of the Arts, DRAW-A-Thon, and Eco Arts Week
  • Creation and distribution of the 1st Saturday Gallery Guide
  • Insure recognition through the Todd Samara Art Fund Award and Red Goat
  • Pop-up galleries bringing art to the people
  • Collaborate with government and other organizations to increase audience ( The Dorsky Museum, TRANSART, City of Kingston, Ministry of Maȧt, Kingston Library, O+Festival, Radio Kingston, CCE, Midtown Business Alliance, SUNY Ulster, Eureka House, Bard Center for Curatorial Studies)

Non-Discrimination Policy and Prohibition Against Sexual Harassment

MAD celebrates diversity and as an extension of its mission promotes inclusion and equity in all its activities and programming.

MAD does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

MAD strives to maintain environments that are free from illegal discrimination and harassment. While all forms of harassment are prohibited, it is our policy to emphasize that sexual harassment is specifically prohibited. Any board member who engages in discriminatory or harassing conduct is subject to removal from the Board. Complaints alleging misconduct on the part of Board members will be investigated promptly and as confidentially as possible by a task force of the Board appointed by the Governance Committee.