Midtown Arts District

Mission Statement

To create an official Arts District in Midtown Kingston to be used as a platform for revitalization, economic investment, and community enrichment. The Arts District will bring a unifying focus and pride to the neighborhood by fostering greater communication between the business and residential neighborhoods, become a magnet for tourism and investment, and help to unite Kingston into one long thriving community from Uptown to Kingston Point.

Problem Statement

There are a significant number of arts-related businesses and artists in the Kingston Midtown area that are not being leveraged effectively to improve the economic vitality of that area and the city as a whole.

  • Most people are not aware that there are significant employers in that area
  • Most people are not aware of the growing artist population of studios and residences

Giving an Arts identity to Midtown

  • Improved visibility and the designation of an Arts District would benefit draw more arts/crafts-related businesses, galleries, restaurants, and Arts center/museum
  • Galleries in the area would benefit from improved visibility
  • UPAC would benefit from the improved visibility, which would enhance its role as an anchor for Midtown cultural events.
  • An Arts District in Midtown would help to unite the Rondout and Uptown business districts, helping to build a commercial counterweight to the malls in Town of Ulster.
  • An Arts District would also give a focus to the fact that Kingston is the central to a significant population of world-renowned artists and performers who reside full or part time in the area.
  • Kingston through its Arts businesses and Arts population has a ready-made base that few other cities with Arts Districts had when they began.

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