An Invitation to Exhibit

A new Pop-Up Fine Art Market sponsored by MAD

When: Thursday, December 7, 4–8:30pm as a new feature within the Made in Kingston 2017 event.

Where: The Metro, 2 S. Prospect St. (corner Greenkill Ave.)

Who: This market is open to all Kingston-based fine art artists.

What: There is approximately 180 linear feet of white wall space available in 90 sq. ft. sections (10’w x 9’h) for 2/D work (including paintings, prints and photography).

How: Artists will hang, attend and be responsible for their own exhibits. Walk-throughs to see the space will be on November 13 at 10am and on December 4 at 3pm.

Fee: $25. No commission will be taken from sales.

Click here to register. Registration closes November 28.

Made in Kingston is a very popular annual event attracting hundreds of people and has an excellent record of sales. It is an ideal opportunity for holiday gift selling and tends to be particularly suited for moderately priced items. You will have the option of displaying any size, number and price point you chose within your space as well as replacing sold work with more pieces.

Artist’s Rendering