New Year’s Resolution: Join a MAD Work Group!

MAD is kicking off 2017 with projects to engage, serve and deploy three “constituencies”: businesses, artists and those who live and work in Midtown neighborhoods. We’ll work with these constituencies to agree on the most pressing needs,

We’ll work with these constituencies to agree on the most pressing needs, opportunities and challenges and then create MAD projects to best address them.

You can be a part of our MAD efforts! Just decide where you fit, follow your Work Group on and click here to volunteer.

MAD Business Work Group

Businesses are invited to work with MAD and the Business Alliance of Kingston (BAK). Help us develop a common agenda to enhance the Midtown business climate.

  • Is there interest in a gallery association to help galleries thrive as a business cluster?
  • Would Midtown’s nonprofit arts organizations benefit from a discussion forum?

Let us hear from you if you want to help organize the Midtown Business Community to support and benefit from the arts!

MAD Artists Work Group

We’ve heard from Midtown artists and “art-preneurs” that they need:

  • Opportunities to be shown and known
  • Increased visitor traffic and promotion of Midtown as a destination for arts visitors
  • Professional development for artists and galleries
  • Affordable space to live and work
  • Communications, spaces and events that build community.

Some proposed projects to address these needs include an artists’ registry with curated online exhibits, an arts fair, and professional development workshops for artists. Let us hear from you if you want to volunteer time to help develop a support net for Midtown artists!

MAD Midtown Neighborhood Work Group

Centered at Broadway Arts, the MNWG will launch the Ben Wigfall Project in 2017 to provide art workshops and events for Midtown residents. Criteria for selection of workshops and events are being developed.


Want to volunteer, but don’t have time for a MAD Work Group commitment? We have lots of low-impact, short time tasks that could use your help. Write to and we’ll be in touch to learn more about your interests!