Charter Stakeholders Recognize MAD’s Vital Role

MAD KIngston Bob Ryan

Bob Ryan

Kingston’s business leaders are enthusiastic in their support of MAD. Bob Ryan, a member of the Benedictine Health Foundation Board and past president of the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston and Ulster County Development Corporation, was among the first to join MAD’s Charter Stakeholder Circle. “I see Kingston growing organically with small sustainable manufacturers, artists and retail outlets. The Kingston Midtown Arts District is good for this trend,” Ryan says.

“MAD can boost the buy local/sustainable movement that is happening here in Kingston and Ulster County and helping many local businesses. It is great to see Kingston recreating itself one more time!” he adds. “I’m very happy to be a small part of and supporter of Kingston’s growth and success.”

MAD Kingston Hayes Clement

Hayes Clement

Hayes Clement, chair of Kingston’s Heritage Area Commission and a real estate broker with a specialty in historic properties, agrees that MAD is good for Kingston’s growth. “In real estate, we talk about highest and best use. It’s becoming increasingly clear that one of the best uses for Midtown buildings is centered around the arts. A growing number of commercial investors and home buyers are attracted to Midtown’s arts-friendly vibe, and MAD will continue to help drive that trend,” Hayes notes.

With a sponsorship of $1,000 or more in 2016, YOU can join MAD’s Charter Stakeholder Circle too. Please email us today to learn more.