What’s Up for MAD in 2017?

#MADkingstonOfficially launched on October 27, 2016, Kingston’s Midtown Arts District is making plans for its first full year in 2017. Midtown is hot and staying ahead of fast-moving changes will be a fun and exciting challenge. If you care about ensuring that MAD’s growth and development are both equitable and sustainable, please join us.

What’s the first priority for MAD in 2017? Making a tight, inspiring and actionable plan – and then recruiting and organizing teams to help us carry it out!

Marshaling MAD’s energies to direct fast-moving changes and to have an impact on pressing needs will require lots of volunteers who are ready to give their time and expertise.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and join our efforts? Or eager to learn more about what we are doing? You can stay up to date or sign up to volunteer at MADkingston.org. Someone will contact you to learn more about your skills, interests and time available.