A New Place for Art in Midtown

The Cornell Creative Arts Center is 10,000 square feet of open space that will be transformed into ten artist studios including a dance/movement studio, community room workshop, and 800 square feet of open space for membership co-working and event rental. Professional artists, digital artists, and dance and movement teachers will have the opportunity to rent studio space at an affordable rate and will teach classes to the people The Arc supports and to the general public.

The Arc of Ulster-Greene currently assists many aspiring artists who will further benefit from utilizing the Cornell Creative Arts Center. The Center will provide the opportunity for individuals to express their artistic abilities, gain confidence, and instill pride in the artwork they create in a supportive, encouraging environment. The Cornell Creative Arts Center website will showcase these artists and sell their artwork online to help support their financial independence.

For more information about The Arc of Ulster-Greene, please visit https://www.thearcug.org.