D.R.A.W. Gallery Presents the Opening of the Solo Exhibition Soy Vago ¿Y Qué? By Kai Navarrete, Saturday January 6th, 2023

D.R.A.W. Gallery Presents the Opening of the Solo Exhibition Soy Vago ¿Y Qué? By Kai Navarrete, Saturday January 6th

On January 6th from 4-6 pm, 2024 D.R.A.W. (Department of Regional Art Workers) will be holding a reception for the solo exhibition Soy Vago ¿Y Qué?, by artist Kai Navarrete. Soy Vago ¿Y Qué? will be at the D.R.A.W Gallery, 22 Iwo Jima Lane, Kingston, NY. This exhibition showcases the work of Kai Navarrete, a Kingston-based painter. He is a native of Guerrero, Mexico, paying homage to his homeland with his art by continuing to use traditional techniques to create pigments and paint from organic earth materials. Kai’s work focuses on the idea of visualizing the cosmos and the human body through the exploration of sacred geometry. Kai earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cooper Union in 2014. His work has been shown in Mexico and the U.S., including at the Arts Society of Kingston, the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum, and the 41 Cooper Gallery.

In the painting series Soy Vago ¿Y Qué? Kai Navarrete reflects on the soul’s journey with an intuitive visual language. Drawing from his own lived experiences, Navarrete pierces directly into his internal world: a pilgrimage of truth, rebellion, and spiritual discovery as a meditation on the complexities of life. Through abstract painting, Navarrete describes the beauty of transcendent, mundane moments and embodies the importance of taking conscious space to restore, find joy, and pause. The result is a remarkably intuitive body of work that explores the power of the spirit and its transformative power. Never taking an easy path, Navarrete continuously pushes himself to explore the depths of his identity and shares what he finds. In every painting new perspectives, emotions, and self-reflection emerge. Navarrete’s heartfelt yet solemn tone evokes the beauty and complexities of how the journey of life can nurture personal growth, even in the midst of difficulty. Through vivid colors, organic shapes, and gold metallic accents, the artwork speaks to the wanderings of the soul and aims to inspire a pilgrimage of truth and reflection in everyone.

The Opening Reception Soy Vago ¿Y Qué?, by Kai Navarette will take place on Saturday, January 6th from 4-6pm, at the D.R.A.W. Gallery. The reception exhibits the work of Kai Navarette, complimented by live music performed by Gredil Gutiérrez, and refreshments including a taquito bar. The exhibition will run from January 6th-27th, with gallery hours of Monday-Friday 1-6pm, and Saturdays 12-4pm. The reception on January 6th, from 4-6pm at the D.R.A.W. Gallery showcases the art of Kai Navarette and the music and flavors of Mexico.