Art Walk: MAD Gallery at The Lace Mill

On September 22 and 23, please visit the MAD-sponsored Art Walk Group Show at The Lace Mill! Two of The Lace Mill Galleries will feature wall-hung work in ceramics, drawing/illustration, mixed media, painting, photography and sculpture by artists who don’t have a public studio of their own.

Featured artists at MAD Gallery at The Lace Mill include: Carolyn Dickey, Judith Zelda Miller, Rebecca Morton, Mercedes Cecili, Lori Erbes, Chris O’Neal, Michael Porter, Prudence Haze, Rich Cai, Lynn Herring, Rosalie Frankel, James Martin, Priscilla Derven, Ray Curran, Sydney Maresca, Kelly MccGrath, Lanette Hughes and James Porter. Each of them have each submitted two large pieces (or three or more if the pieces are small) and all works, unless otherwise noted, are available for sale.

For details about all the Art Walk artists and locations, please visit to plan your fabulous art tour of Kingston!