Seven21 Media Center Counts!

jeremy-ellenbogen This month, a Midtown Arts District team met with Jeremy Ellenbogen and Michelle Tommasi of Seven21 Media Center as part of an ongoing effort to learn more about what Midtown businesses need. Needs identified include more inviting streetscapes and an overall “look” for the Arts District, improved wayfinding, and a greater number of arts and entertainment venues.

We’d love to hear what you and/or your business need and how MAD could help you. “We are working now to outline goals and strategies for 2017,” said MAD Board President Richard Frumess. “Hearing from businesses, artists and Midtown residents will be key to our progress.”

MAD Board member Kitty McCullough remarked on MAD’s growth – and its growing impact. “When we tallied arts-based businesses for our October launch, we counted Seven21 as one business. But at our meeting with Jeremy and Michelle, we learned there are 27 tenants and 124 people working in his Seven21 building which dramatically increases the MAD count!” McCullough exclaimed.

“We can now say that Midtown has more than 200 arts and crafts workrooms, manufacturing sites, showrooms, studios, galleries, video and recording facilities, performance spaces and nonprofit arts programs providing more than 400 jobs and arts livelihoods in Midtown.”

Does MAD know about your arts-based business and how many arts livelihoods you are supporting in Midtown? Send your information and ideas to and be sure to sign up to receive information and meeting notices.

Seven21 Studio A

Seven21 Studio A