Midtown Business Alliance and Kingston Midtown Arts District hosts an evening of Resource Exchange on Friday April 14th

with MAD and the Midtown Business Alliance

On Friday, April 14th from 5-7pm, the Kingston Midtown Arts District and the Midtown Business Alliance invites interested local businesses and artists to learn more about Midtown-centric business resources and opportunities. This casual evening is a chance to learn a bit about the work of the Midtown Arts District and the Midtown Business Alliance and its membership.

Stop by during the first hour to talk with representatives from Rondout Savings Bank about the newly formed Midtown Business Capital Loan Program, designed to support loan affordability and access with affordable interest rates and in-person support. Folks from Hudson Valley Current will also be available to learn more about alternative currency and their other economic development initiatives.

Feel free to share the resources you know, that could be helpful to others in the Midtown community. Bilingual support will be available and provided by the Language Justice Collective.

This event will be at D.R.A.W. located at Energy Square at the corner of 20 Cedar St and Iwo Jima Lane in the heart of Midtown.

Signup to attend at madkingston.org

Kingston Midtown Arts District (MAD)
The Kingston Midtown Arts District (MAD) uses the creative arts to engage, unite, and enrich a vibrant, inclusive community for Midtown Kingston. Kingston MAD believes in the power of creative arts to be an agent of change; we strive to serve the people of Midtown Kingston as a hub to educate, celebrate, and facilitate collaborations and relationships with individuals, artists, businesses, organizations and government in the community. The Department of Regional Arts Workers (The D.R.A.W.), a growing community of artists, educators, entrepreneurs and students, provides arts education programming including the PUGG youth workforce training program to the City of Kingston under the MAD organizational umbrella. To learn more about MAD, visit madkingston.org.

The Midtown Business Alliance (MBA)
The Midtown Business Alliance is dedicated to building prosperity in Midtown Kingston by advocating for, supporting, and promoting existing businesses, empowering residents to build successful businesses, and amplifying the voices of community members. The MBA serves as a bridge between the Midtown business community and available support services, connecting business owners with the resources and programs they need to thrive and grow. The MBA proactively works to identify gaps in services and create programs to address these needs, such as their recent partnership with Rondout Bank and development of the Midtown Capital Program. kingstonmba.org