September 18-19, 2021

MAD Video Festival Screening and Pop-up Art Show

MAD presents our first annual video festival featuring a sampling of the artistry of our creative community. These presentations are all produced by Kingston artists and reflect a variety of media and sensibilities.

The videos will be played sequentially throughout the day.

Participating Video Artists:

Zelda aka Judith Z Miller

Sasha Sun

Wayne Montecalvo

Doug Menuez

Studio Stu

Stephen Blauweiss

Karen Berelowitz / Karmabee

Lisa B. Kelley

Ministry of Maat’s Big Dream Artists

Robert Vandeweghe / Neville Bean


IONE & Nick Bovoso

Pop Up Gallery Group PUGG Program

Kristopher Johnson Photography

Mark Marshall

Plus! Our MAD Pop-Up Art Show

Participating Artists:

Kristopher Johnson  –  Maggie Inge

Harris Diamant  –  Deborah Mills Thackrey

Ray Curran  –  Neville Bean

Lynn Woods  –  Archil Pichkhadze

Jane Bloodgood-Abrams

When: Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th from 12:00 – 5:00pm both days.

Where: The Pajama Factory – 49 Greenkill Ave, Midtown Kingston NY