Comic Book Authors Release Anthology in Midtown

In early March, The D.R.A.W. celebrated the conclusion of its Visual Storytelling class taught by Chris O’Neal with the publication of the first issue of an anthology comic book. O’Neal and the four student author-artists held a feedback workshop to discuss their hard work and then took a mini-field trip across the street to a book launch celebration at World’s End Comics shop at 588 Broadway in the heart of Midtown Kingston.

O’Neal and the students started off the day with a workshop to discuss all their hard work. After talking about how to give, and benefit from, motivating feedback, the group read through all the printed comics and offered feedback to each other on the results. Everyone felt encouraged and inspired by seeing how great everyone’s work turned out.

Then, to officially celebrate the launch of their printed anthology, the group walked to World’s End Comics shop to see their comics displayed for sale alongside a collection of other amazing comic books from around the world. World’s End co-owner Cristopher Livecchi talked with the students about the wide world of comics, and the students discovered all sorts of other inspiring work available at the shop.

The students’ experience of support from a small but mighty comic book and game shop located right in the heart of Midtown was very inspiring. They ended their day of celebration by discussing what they had learned from the course and thinking about what they would like to do next. As O’Neal says, “I can’t wait to see the next batch of comics from our crew!”

Please visit The D.R.A.W. website to learn more and find out when the next Visual Storytelling class will be offered.