Calling All Visionaries!

Community driven design for Kingston at Broadway/Prince St Green Spaces

What happens when a City asks the community what it wants and involves them in the process of designing a space? How would you feel about a place you go, knowing you had a part in making it the way it is? Want to participate in a great example of community driven design?

The Broadway & Prince Landscape plan is gathering input and ideas from the community and Kingston’s youth in order to gather a community vision the designers can use to create the space.

The project is managed by the City of Kingston’s Department of Health & Wellness and is funded by the Creating Healthy Schools and Communities grant project through the New York State Department of Health, supported with American Rescue Plan Act funding.

On-site events will bring the public and Kingston’s artists together in facilitated  design sessions.  Ideas for Designs will be open to all, no fees will be charged, and helpful prompts to facilitate creativity will be included. Submit your ideas HERE 

Demonstrate your vision with your creative skills. We seek your vision of the whole site (realistic- phantasmagoric…), the Past – the Present- the Future. What art piece do you see, hear, imagine here/where?

How do you begin? Visit the space, be in the space, experience the space with all senses 

Helpful Prompts for Consideration:

I dreamt of Broadway/Prince Street… 

A matter of time 

We are nature 

Sharing the path 

Imagination – dreams – fantasy 

Time – passage of time – cycles of life /Layering of events

Cityscape – city life 

Narrative – tells a story 


Language of landscape 

If the space could talk, can you hear it? 


Color outside the lines 

Quite an Entrance! 

A moment in time 

Time travel 

Follow your own path 

Connected paths

Lead the way 

The poetic of space 

Home story

Ideation Calendar:

August – Began community sessions on-site to begin design process 

September 19  – Idea Submissions Open 

September 20 – Info table at YMCA Farm Project

September 28, 2:30-4:30 – Community On-Site Design Session 

October 3 – Presentation of partner visions at YMCA

October 19 – Deadline for Idea Submissions

End of October – KaN Designs begin the schematic design process

End of November – Presentation with City of Kingston advisor committee 

Mid-December – Community Conversation about submitted designs

Mid-February – Final presentation submitted to City


Disclaimer: all idea submissions will be considered, but there are no guarantees that  they will be implemented.