Glenn deWitt: A Practitioner Inspired by the Masters

When did you first know you were an artist?
I still am uncertain. I am a practitioner; I show up on a regular basis, work very hard, have fun, and engage in some process until it feels complete and satisfying. Because the final product is mostly unique and “creative,” it is often referred to as “art” and, by extrapolation, I guess this makes me an “artist.” Some days I continue to wonder.

Favorite medium(s) you use to make art…
Digital photography and inkjet printing.

What are the most interesting new trends in your field? Is your work changing as a result?
I am not particularly interested in trends, and I enjoy and am inspired by the masters in my field. New work is simply not as appealing to me as the older work done.

Talk about your creative process – where/when do you get most of your ideas and how do you know a piece is ‘finished’?
Fresh ideas are hard to come by. It seems that it has all been done before. It’s more productive for me to look for new interpretations of subjects.

Do you also teach or are you strictly a creative artist? Who was your most influential mentor and why?
I have taught at both Bard and SUNY New Paltz in their Lifetime Learning Institute programs, and currently provide individual mentoring to a small group of budding photographers.

I can’t be limited to one [mentor] as I have always been influenced by the great portraitists as well as the WPA photographers of the 1930’s. They all seemed to have the ability to keep it simple, get to the point and to capture the essence of their subjects.

What are you working on now?
I’m reconfiguring my studio and will be presenting semi-annual exhibitions of older work that has never been seen.

How has being in Kingston enhanced/inspired your work? What do you like best about living in Kingston/being involved with MAD? How long have you been here?
I was born and raised in Kingston, and am enjoying its rebirth after years of cultural dormancy.

Is there any other information you wish to provide?
I am currently offering individualized fine art photographic printing to the local arts community—it’s master printing at affordable prices—and also accepting applicants for my mentoring group as well as tutorial sessions.

Glenn deWitt
Glenn deWitt Photography at Tigg’s Garage
11 Emerson Street
Kingston, NY

By appointment

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