Edward Meyer: Form Flows From Function

When did you first know you were an artist?
I have been making artwork since my elementary school days.

Favorite medium(s) you use to make art…
My favorite media are stoneware and porcelain. I am also a photographer.

What are the most interesting new trends in your field? Is your work changing as a result?
When I make functional pottery, the forms and glazes I use are dictated by the function the work will perform. My sculpture is most often inspired by the human figure.

Talk about your creative process – where/when do you get most of your ideas and how do you know a piece is ‘finished’?
When confronted with a creative problem, I actively consider possible solutions. This first step launches an unconscious working process that most often reveals itself in dreams and in the moments before sleep and wakefulness. “Overworking” a piece of artwork can be avoided by setting aside the work and returning to it the following day.

Do you also teach or are you strictly a creative artist? Who was your most influential mentor and why? How do you see the role of being a mentor? And why?
I was an art teacher for 30 years. I am now free to devote my best energy to my own work on a daily basis. I know how challenging it is to make a living being an artist and I am always willing to offer advice to fellow artists. I have been a ceramic artist for 45 years and always reflect upon and view my work within the context of art history.

What are you working on now?
A dinnerware commission and a series of figuratively inspired ceramic vessels. I also have a series of celadon vases in the kiln right now.

How has being in Kingston enhanced/inspired your work? What do you like best about living in Kingston/being involved with MAD? How long have you been here?
I have resided in Kingston for 26 years and I am very happy to see the recent influx of artists into our community. There is so much happening in the Hudson River Valley! It is a great place to live!

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