Hans van Meeuwen


Hans van Meeuwen
405 Manor Lane
Kingston NY 12401
Phone: 917-975-5282
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CATEGORY: Drawing, Public Art, Sculpture

It is my challenge to create works of art that remain in the mind – an image, in the glut of what crosses before our eyes every day, that the observer will return to, again and again. I seek to elicit a moment of awareness in the flood of anonymity.

In my work, I do not teach, rather trigger a few questions. We mostly go through life in an automatic-pilot state of mind. I would love to have the artwork see the environment with a fresh look just a second, before going back to the automatic pilot. I would love to have my artwork given a few thoughts someone may pick up. And with that, inspire the passer-by for a moment to think outside the box of our day to day routine mindset, before she/he rushed back into life.

We all have an individual, personal remembrance (good and bad memories) and a common remembrance. Archetypes are the images we all have stored in us and we all have an emotional reaction to. I like to use those “in common” images in my work. I wish to investigate where these in-common aspects of the image become the personal story of the individual observer of the work. I wish to investigate where and when the overly known image of something will trigger the personal memories of the viewer and his/her individual emotions.