Betty Ann Robbins-Greenwald (BARG)


Betty Ann Robbins-Greenwald (BARG)

66 Sawdust Avenue
Kingston NY 12401

(845) 399-9119

CATEGORIES: Painting, Photography

My work is about internal and subconscious energies being externalized in colour and form. I consider myself a Feminist artist since my life has been all about being a woman in a culture that does not think of women having the same skills and as men.

I was a mother at barely 23 years of age, married and of course part of the many marriages that did not last. A single parent, of 2 small children, no job, and a dropout from college.

Having been born in the early 1940s, I have experienced the changes and the challenges of being a woman in a culture designed for women to grow up and become mothers, and perhaps work in a job designed to assist a man, or become a teacher or a nurse.

My parents were involved with the arts and supported my interests, but even with their support, creating life as an artist has been a journey. My work is an expression of those energies that have created my journey.