Kingston’s Midtown Arts District (MAD) is a collaborative process. We are working to assemble and coordinate groups of volunteers who have a stake in the future of Midtown.

We are building three groups:

  • Artists
  • Businesses
  • Midtown Neighborhoods

We are hosting information meetings to learn the needs of each group and explore how MAD can facilitate projects that address those needs.

Artists Work Group

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Business Work Group

MAD is working with the Business Alliance of Kingston to learn ways the Arts District can partner with businesses in Midtown and throughout Kingston.

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Midtown Neighborhood Work Group

MAD is working with Broadway Arts to organize a Midtown community group to help develop arts programs that serve Midtown residents.

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Communications Work Group

MAD goes to great lengths to keep our community informed, support the other Work Groups and events, and maintain the MAD brand identity.

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The MAD website is a work in progress! Please check back often for new information.