Exciting news! The creation of an arts district in Midtown Kingston is starting to solidify. Local businesspeople, artists as well as city and county government have been discussing the concept for a couple of years, and now the project  is  moving  into the planning phase, coordinated by a steering committee and several work groups. The intent of an arts district is to leverage Midtown’s numerous arts-related assets to stimulate more synergies between existing businesses, artists and other residents as a way of recognizing and expressing the full potential of Midtown as a vital, historically rich and culturally vibrant district of the city, transforming it into an exciting destination that attracts new businesses and residents as well as visitors. The arts district would make those assets more visible through numerous marketing initiatives, including distinctive signage, a prominent web presence and leveraging of social media, coordinated programming of activities, such as street festivals, paint-outs and historic walking tours, and promotion of on-going art exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events. A key goal is involving the community  in the planning, creation and implementation of the arts district, which would not only benefit Midtown residents and business owners but also the entire city of Kingston and the populace in the surrounding area.

Shown below are the proposed boundaries of the arts district:


The communications committee of the Midtown arts district initiative has created a survey to get input from the public on the Midtown area and proposed district in order to help us determine which features would be most effective and how they could best benefit Midtown.

The survey needs to be completed by ___ in order for us to incorporate your responses into the next step of the planning process.

Please take a moment to answer the questions below. Thank you for your time and attention. For more information about the proposed arts district, please contact us through our Facebook page.



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