We wanted to shine a positive light on Midtown and draw attention to its arts-rich community. The idea was to use that as a platform for countywide interest in strengthening and investing in Midtown Kingston—and it has worked.

— Anne Bailey, President, MAD Board of Directors

Reviving A Once-Vibrant Industrial Hub Through the Arts

In the 19th century, Kingston’s Midtown district was a thriving industrial district: Today, dozens of arts-related businesses and housing facilities have successfully repurposed these historic buildings following decades of neglect. To create an official Arts District in Midtown Kingston to be used as a platform for revitalization, economic investment, and community enrichment. The Arts District will bring a unifying focus and pride to the neighborhood by fostering greater communication between the business and residential neighborhoods, become a magnet for tourism and investment, and help to unite Kingston into one long thriving community from Uptown to Kingston Point.