MAD HQ Site Survey for CoA 2021 Signage

View from Broadway

Suggestion: Sandwich board with balloons at the corner of Cedar St and Broadway

View from Greenkill Ave

Suggestion: Lawn signs with balloons at the corner of Iwo Jima and Greenkill

Iwo Jima Entrances

Suggestion 1: Hang posters in multiple windows.
Suggestion 2: Suspend banners from canopies if the ceiling grid supports weight and property management allows.
Suggestion 3: Do both.

Cedar St Window Wall

Suggestion 1: Hang a few posters in windows and maintain a view of the activity inside.
Suggestion 2: Apply graphics to the top and bottom rows of square windows.
Suggest 3: Do both.

Window Wall Detail

There appears to be no way to suspend banners on the window wall.

Corner of Cedar St and Iwo Jima Ln

Suggestion: Place a double-sided feather sign as near the corner as the sidewalk allows.
Graphics should be MAD/DRAW oriented for use beyond CoA.

S Clinton Ave Park Site Survey

Suggestion: Lawn signs with balloons at the Greenkill and Clinton Aves intersection.
Unknown: Possibility of parking at The Metro may require additional signage.