7th Annual MAD Celebration of the Arts
Online Video Showcase

Our first annual on-line video festival features a sampling of the artistry of our creative community. These presentations are all produced by Kingston artists and reflect a variety of media and sensibilities. Many thanks to our technical and media consultant Chris Rahm.

A Chorus of Female Voices

Zelda aka Judith Z. Miller

A TMI Project performance of my coming out story. This story is now integrated as part of my one-person Queer show Que Será, Será: A Life’s Journey of Sexual Orientation & Gender Expression. The entire show is available to watch for free/by donation at this LINK. Thanks to the TMI Project for the great work they do and for allowing me to share this video.


Wayne Montecalvo

video with original audio

Tour Home Studio

Sasha Sun

video with original audio

Dreams of the Jungfrau


The mysteries of an art deco hotel high in the Swiss Alps reveal themselves through its odd inhabitants.

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

Mark Marshall

Short Film / Music video animated & shot with social distancing during COVID. Featuring Lara Hope, Neil Alexander, Sam Newsome and Don Valentine. Music and video by Mark Marshall.

Karmabee: Creating a Buzz with Doodles

Karen Berelowitz / Karmabee

Karen Berelowitz doodled through three decades of school and an international development career before launching Karmabee in 2007. She prints her hand-drawn black & white designs on note cards, baby clothes, kids and adult T-shirts, cork coasters, tote bags, face masks, and more. Growing up in South Africa and spending much of her previous career in Latin America, Karen’s designs have an multicultural quality to them that she feels is more subconscious than anything intentional. She had a studio and store in the Rondout neighborhood for four years and now lives and creates out of her home in Uptown Kingston, NY.

Photographer Mickey Mathis: All Subject(s) Matter – A Film by Stephen Blauweiss

Stephen Blauweiss

Contemporary photographer, Mickey Mathis, who grew up in Kingston and later moved to New York City. Over the past 50 years, he has created a wide spectrum of images in color as well as black and white, capturing scenes of daily life and all manner of subjects. After taking thousands of photographs, Mathis remains as enthusiastic as ever. His work is stunning and we’re thrilled to share it with you. Later in our series we’ll feature regional women artists, aspects of Woodstock’s early art and counterculture, and lesser-known aspects of Kingston and Ulster County’s history.

Pop Up Portrait Studio by Kristopher Johnson Photography

Kristopher Johnson Photography

Live locations set up and images of Pop Up Portrait Studio by Kristopher Johnson Photography

PUGG Art news with the work of Mathew Pleva

Pop Up Gallery Group PUGG program

PUGG created video about exhibiting artist artist Matt Pleva’s work and an explanation of what members of PUGG do. Created by Emma Stiegler, members Hui Min Gou,voice over, Ashliegh Harrington describes Pleva’s work, Kerry Madison,Erin Dougherty and Dominic Ruiz. February, 2018. Students describe what it means to join PUGG.

Robert Hessler: Ceramicist – A Film by Stephen Blauweiss

Stephen Blauweiss

Robert Hessler and filmmaker Stephen Blauweiss met at the Shirt Factory in Midtown Kingston around 2002, and Blauweiss had the opportunity to capture the master in action in his studio in 2015. Hessler’s pieces have unique shapes, stunning colors, and an extravagant quality. He delights in improvising and experimenting with both the clay and glazes and is fascinated with the unknown aspect of what might emerge from the kiln. “My aim is to always try and surprise myself and come up with results that I find visually intriguing and exciting,” says Hessler, “a constant quest to discover something new.”