7th Annual MAD Celebration of the Arts
August 7-14, 2021

Submission & Technical Guidelines

Submit HERE 
Deadline July 23, 2021

The 7th Annual Celebration introduces exciting new VIRTUAL VIDEO programming to promote and celebrate the ARTS and ARTISTS of Kingston. We are looking to our wonderful creative community to submit videos showcasing their talents. After the event, the videos will be archived on MAD’s site, if the artist desires.

The field is wide open!

– Create a demonstration of your signature art or craft technique.

– Give us a tour of your studio and your work.

– Present an art related lecture.

– Host a discussion of art career related issues.

– Capture a theatrical presentation.

– Record a dance or spoken word performance.

– Treat us to a living room concert.

Space is limited and first come, first serve, so please send as soon as possible!


Submit HERE 


*While we prefer an upload, files can also be submitted on a physical medium such as a USB Hard Drive or Flash Drive. Drives must be formatted as Mac OS Extended or exFAT. Please email us at video@madkingston.org to arrange a drop off.

(We cannot accept other physical media such as DVD, BluRay, VHS, Beta, etc.)

Technical Guidelines:

Following these guidelines and doing your best to match the specifications will ensure that your video will be presented in the highest quality possible. If you are creating your own video, fulfill the specifications that are within your capability. We will advise you on any discrepancy and suggest solutions when possible. If you are a videographer, or are working with an editor, detailed specification guidelines are below.

Video Specifications:

Recommended Formats:   .mov or .mp4

Accepted Resolutions: 16:9 aspect ratio
Note: if your film has a different aspect ratio, it will be automatically converted.

Resolution: 1080p (1920×1080)

Resolution: 2K (2560 × 1440)

Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 × 2160)

Optimal Resolution and Frame Rate:

1920×1080 @ 23.98FPS or 24 FPS

Accepted Framerates:

23.98  /  24  /  29.97  /  30

Accepted Codecs:


h.265 (HEVC)

Audio Specifications:

Volume Levels: Please keep your average decibel meter at between -12dB and -3dB. If your project has been professionally mixed/mastered, a 0db maximum is acceptable

Channels: Stereo

Codec: AAC

Sample Rate: 48khz

Data Rate: 320 kbps


MAD will require each submission to feature captions. If your film does not have captions, we will have them generated. If you’ve previously had captions created for your film – and they’re not burned into the picture – please supply us with your caption file. Please ensure that the provided caption file matches the overall duration of your supplied video to ensure sync.

Caption files should be submitted as:

WebVTT (.vtt)

SubRip (.srt)

Scenarist (.scc)

Subtitles (Language):

If your film partially or fully features a language other than English, please ensure your film has subtitles.  These subtitles can be burned into the picture, or supplied as a separate file using the guidelines from the captioning section above.