MAD Arts Education Program

The D.R.A.W.

The Dept. of Regional Art Workers (The D.R.A.W.) provides arts programming to the City of Kingston under the MAD organizational umbrella. This is a growing community of artists, educators, entrepreneurs and students who believe in the ability of the arts to act as an agent of change.

MAD shares The D.R.A.W.’s belief that a strong art education significantly enhances the character, quality of life, and economy of our neighborhoods.

The D.R.A.W. programming is built on a spiraling intergenerational framework where expertise, interaction and experience generate ongoing community learning.

The D.R.A.W. is located in the heart of midtown Kingston, and its home base is a classroom at the Y.M.C.A.  The D.R.A.W. also partners with The Kingston Library on their summer art intensive, the Teen Art Lab.

The D.R.A.W. calls its student workforce, the Pop Up Gallery Group (P.U.G.G.), its heroes.  P.U.G.G. is an after school, work-study program that engages Kingston High School students in the arts. Students learn arts management skills while creating and managing gallery spaces and community art projects throughout the City of Kingston. P.U.G.G. is dedicated to showing the work of Kingston High School Alumni. The exhibitions provide a platform for local artists to share their work with the community. The D.R.A.W. offers artists an opportunity to build and maintain their practice, as well as their audience, through teaching and mentoring opportunities within its art education program.