Mission and Objectives


The Midtown Arts District mission is to unite, revitalize, and enrich the community through the arts. We are focused on building upon the City’s existing assets and reputation as an arts-friendly place in which to live, work and play, while remaining inclusive of and equitable to all.


  • To establish a clear arts identity for the City’s urban center;
  • To create distinct physical boundaries that define the District , welcome visitors, and connect the City’s Uptown, Midtown, and Rondout Waterfront neighborhoods;
  • To strengthen the City’s economic base and cultural tourism industry by drawing new arts-related businesses, organizations, craftspeople and artists (performing, literary and visual);
  • To foster communication and collaboration between artists, businesses, other residents, and local government in order to support common goals and a thriving arts-infused community;
  • To create arts events and educational opportunities that demonstrate the power the arts have to improve our quality of life.